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Guitarist, composer, arranger

Born in Croatia in 1961, Pierre Mardesic grew up in a world of music and arts. His passion for music first expressed itself when learning how to play the guitar at a very young age, with an enthusiasm for creating music in association with images…A way to express himself musically which kept him avidly curious ever since.

His career path as a self-taught man took him across the Atlantic to attend several personal improvement workshops, an occasion to refine his musical compositions and to develop, among other skills, new arrangement techniques.

Along his personal and professional path, he met people who gave him the opportunity to take part in many compositions for artists mainly renowned internationally, outside of France, that brought him enough experience to give himself over to production later on.

Moreover, Pierre Mardesic is behind the creation of many compositions as well as arrangements on behalf of recording studios and musical platforms, both French and foreign.

Backed by his will to create and his eagerness to share his passion for compositions, he launched « Artist Studio Project » in 2013, in order to support young talents to promote themselves. A concept which enables young talents to create their first singles and promote them, with one main
goal, helping young artists to get finished products out.

ARTIST STUDIO PROJECT is a member of the Spedidam and of the Sacem

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